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Born in Detroit at a young age.....studied under a player piano at age moved at age 7, but left the piano behind....experimented with (but did not inhale) music off and on for the next 12 years at which time began studying on electronic console organ with 21, began co-writing and recording songs with kid brothers using a Casiotone 202.....early the next year, allowed myself to be dragged into Lolita's Lounge, to see an oldies/Motown cover band known as Mondo Cane....began playing with them the following week...played several gigs over the next 5 months, but was ultimately fired from the group, over the direction the music was going.....resumed work with kid brothers and a cousin, forming what would become Catalyst, a fluxion rock outfit....played first gig with Catalyst in March 1983 at the Wayne State student commons building to a rather indifferent lunch crowd....continued gigging in the Detroit dive circuit of the mid 80's....approached by Phil Romero (then of Mondo Cane) to get together and play...first gig with this new line-up was New Years Eve, 1985-86, at the then Southfield Hilton.....gigs with both groups continued for the next 2 years...Mondo Cane was set to fold in the summer of 1987and did a benefit gig with the Larados, who were looking for a keyboard player at the time....began playing with the Larados one month later, and continued to play with them for he next 8 years, recording 2 albums with them during that time....quit playing music to work in sound engineering...bought studio equipment and got set up to record music at home...acquired a Yamaha W7 in 1995 and began using it for composition....worked breifly with the Latin Counts (the singing group, not the gang) in the oldies/Motown genre...began writing and recording songs with Francisco in November 1999, all necessary equipment was in place to produce a master.....the master tape for 'Atmosphere" was finished in April has begun on the next project....



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