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Music Background
Born and raised on the southwest side of Detroit, MI from a family of 14, all who were musically inclined. My father, Juan C. Solano, played guitar and sang his words of wisdom musically speaking - learn Mexican music - leave that rock -n- roll alone - by 1965 my brother Leonard Solano worked in a band called The 5th's one, I believe they knew about 10 songs, but at the age of six - it somehow seemed natural that my mind and my body enjoyed music - off to the pawn shop, my first guitar - a Telsco - the strings were so high you could shoot arrows with it (ha ha). After much practice - I decided by the age of 12 years old, I would one day like to win a Grammy - WOW - started first band at age of 9 or 10 with Joey, Jim, Ramon, and Phillip Romero. In Junior High worked as the Mercury Band (same band) in high school worked as the Night Rider Band. Steve Solano added vocal and harp (other band members the same).

By 1978, after high school, joined the Miguel Cachon Salsa Band as lead and rhythm guitars - Steve Solano vocal and harp -7 --piece band. By 1979 - it was off to the U.S. Marine Corp. Reserves (79-82). 1980 I had joined the Latin Counts - Joey and Jimmy in band - me Francisco lead and rhythm - we also worked as the Mondo Cane Band 50's and 60's music. We worked a lot with AM56 HONEY RADIO. We did some great shows but by 1985, I had left the Mondo Cane Band and the Latin Counts Band - freelanced for a couple of years. By 1987 performing with the Blue Pigs Police Band - never an official member but was an honorary member (by way of Mr. Blue Pig himself - H. Burrell). In the meantime I concentrated on writing songs and playing music and all was well till I got injured in 1994. It was a hard time.  1996, made contact with Mr. J. Gillis (Nov. 17, 1996) and started the G-N-S project - now 5 years down the road we have 2 CD's out - my dream of winning a Grammy award is still alive - 28 years later.

Previous Bands
Mercury - Night Rider - The Miguel Cachon Salsa Band - The Validers The
Blue Pigs - Mondo Kane - The Latin Counts - The Amigos, and now - GNS.

Food - all of it.
Music - Anything doo-wop, I love the oldies
Great friends. Seeing childhood friends and having a great time.

My Message Of Hope
Please always recycle and drive safely - take care of each other. We are all we got and please support the Personal Responsibility Act. Let's give Peace a chance.




Info Box

CD's and cassettes $10.00 available at Christina’s flowers and gifts. located at 5423 W. Vernor in Detroit MI

or by mail
add $3.00 S&H

7387 St. John St.
Detroit, MI 48210
Please make checks payable to: Francisco Solano



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